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Tech collective is a public monthly meetup based, in Whitehorse Yukon. Our theme is everyday problems and solutions relating to technology. Attendees and presenters come from multiple disciplines and experience levels.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings occur on the 2nd Thursday of each month; they start at 6pm and take place at cospace.

Email List

Get notifications of upcoming meetings by subscribing to the mailing list here.

Meeting Format

  1. Introductions
  2. New things on your radar
  3. members discuss what tech has tickled your fancy lately
  4. New things for tech-collective
  5. Administrative or group-wide news
  6. Presentation 1
  7. Presentation 2 (Optional)
  8. Peer help time
  9. Bring your laptop and pair with someone to introduce new neurons to your project/issue


Just drop by the next meeting!


Take a look at some of the old presentations in the archives to get a flavour of what people have presented. Keep in mind, we want broader horizons, so the group would appreciate your presentation even more if you don't see anything in the archives similar to what you want to present!

To present, contact Jotham with a brief description of your subject.


If you have questions, email tech-collective and one of the friendly meetup organizers will get back to you.


We are active on slack, email tech-collective and ask to be added to our slack group.