Jotham Apaloo

Sun 08 January 2017


Meetup: January 12

The meetup will take place at:

January 12

Special Announcement:

Code Yukon - Dave Rogers

Dave will announce the Code Yukon program - paid summer internships for Yukon Students sponsored by Tech Yukon

Presentation 1:

Data Driven Apps with RShiny - Lisa Kanary

Lisa has done data-analytical consulting for several years since completing her PhD in Applied Math and University of New Brunswick. She has a new consulting business in Whitehorse and has been learning RShiny to bring data-analytical applications to her clients. She'll give everyone an intro to RShiny, for most it will also be an intro to R!

Presentation 2

Local Feature: Civicly

Simon Lapointe has made a remarkable transition from urban planner to tech entrepreneur. His business, civicly helps municipalities engage with their residents and analyze the resultant data. Simmon will share the origin story of civicly and discuss the business and technical aspects of its past and future development.

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