Jotham Apaloo

Thu 01 December 2016


Meetup: December 8

The meetup will take place at:

6pm December 8 (co)space

Presentation 1

Putting the profit in non-profit? - Chris O'Brien

Chris is a bonafide tech entrepreneur with a background in product and management for hardware. A recent project of his is an accounting application for non-profit organization. He will present the problem, business case, roadmap, and progress on the application, among other things.

Presentation 2:

Data Driven Apps with RShiny - Lisa Kanary

Lisa has done data-analytical consulting for several years since completing her PhD in Applied Math and University of New Brunswick. She has a new consulting business in Whitehorse and has been learning RShiny to bring data-analytical applications to her clients. She'll give everyone an intro to RShiny, for most it will also be an intro to R!

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