Jotham Apaloo

Thu 29 September 2016


Meetup: October 13

The meetup will take place at:

October 13

  • Presentation 1 by Jotham Apaloo
    • Is Microsoft still a bad word in the open source community? Jotham will explain how to build custom visualizations for Microsoft Power BI. The slides are available here.
  • Presentation 2 by Andrew Kalek
    • An introduction to GitFlow (a workflow for git). We'll talk about how it works, when to use it and when might not be the right choice for you.

Following that there'll be informal discussion about members recent tech activities.

Would you like to present in the future? Share an app you like and what it takes to be a power user, some code you're working on, or even a rough idea you have that relates to tech! Email Jotham if you'd like to present.

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