Andrew Kalek

Fri 17 June 2016


July 14 Meeting

The next meeting will take place at:

6pm July 14 (co)space

  • Presentation 1

    • Dave will demo a tool he wrote to automate upsizing databases from MS Access to Oracle. Bring Your Own Caffeine.
  • Presentation 2

    • Jotham will quickly describe the setup of This will be a short intro to static site hosting on S3 and codeship.
  • Presentation 3

    • Andrew will be presenting on a Smart Login Logic system. We'll talk about how to build a system that prevents users from sharing their login while supporting multiple devices. This talk will need participation from the group as we try to figure this problem out as we go.
  • Code Kata [Rescheduled to TBD]

    • We'll be doing a code kata during with the remaining time
    • For this kata, details are provided below. Thanks Ben Simpson for bringing this kata to our attention!
Three positions, “left,” “middle,” and “right,” are marked on a table. Three cards, an ace, a king, and a queen, lie face up in some or all three of the positions. If more than one card occupies a given position then only the top card is visible, and a hidden card is completely hidden; that is, if only two cards are visible then you don’t know which of them conceals the missing card.

Your goal is to have the cards stacked in the left position with the ace on top, the king in the middle, and the queen on the bottom. To do this you can move one card at a time from the top of one stack to the top of another stack (which may be empty).

The problem is that you have no short-term memory, so you must design an algorithm that tells you what to do based only on what is currently visible. You can’t recall what you’ve done in the past, and you can’t count moves. An observer will tell you when you’ve succeeded. Can you devise a policy that will meet the goal in a bounded number of steps, regardless of the initial position?
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